Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a surprise visit to Beijing. He met Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the Ukraine issue. Reuters reported that they discussed the Ukraine conflict in the meeting.

Medvedev is currently the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council. He posted a video on his Telegram channel. The video shows him posing smilingly with Xi and meeting between Chinese and Russian officials.

Medvedev said he and Xi discussed the two countries’ “borderless” strategic partnership as well as Ukraine. However, he did not say anything in detail about this.

He said, ‘We have discussed cooperation between the two ruling parties of China and Russia … bilateral cooperation in our strategic partnership including economy and industrial production. We also discussed international issues—including, of course, the conflict in Ukraine. The discussion was useful.’

Russia has accelerated its pivot towards Beijing since Western sanctions were imposed in February over its aggression in Ukraine, which Moscow has dubbed ‘a special military operation’.

Russia is seeking closer economic, political and security ties with China to compensate for the loss of relations with the West, and sees Xi as a potential ally in anti-Western alliances.

(Dhaka Times / 21 December / SAT)