The largest aquarium in the world, located in the lobby of the five-star hotel Radisson Blu in Berlin, Germany, has burst. At least two people were injured. The aquarium filled with millions of liters of water flooded the hotel and surrounding roads.

According to German media, the incident took place at 5:50 a.m. local time on Friday. Two people were injured by the broken glass of the glass aquarium. The aquarium named Aquadome had about 1,500 fish of different species. The 52-foot tall Aquadome was billed as the ‘world’s largest free-standing aquarium’.

The guests staying at the hotel were shifted after the incident. Berlin police said the aquarium burst causing extensive damage. In a video circulating on social media, the aquarium burst and the entire hotel was submerged in water.

A spokesman for Berlin’s fire department said most of the fish in the aquarium died after the explosion. Due to severe winter in Berlin, they have to face obstacles in carrying out the rescue operation. The spokesperson also said that there were more than hundred species of fish from different countries in that aquarium.

The large amount of water that burst the aquarium created piles of garbage at the hotel’s main gate, front road and sidewalks. About 100 personnel of the emergency department were sent to the spot to carry out rescue operations. Important roads near the hotel were closed. However, the cause of the aquarium rupture is not yet known.

17 December/ES