The Chinese government is still unwilling to make any compromises to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. New lockdown has been issued in different parts of the country. The implementation of the zero covid policy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has become an addiction for the Chinese authorities, which is crippling China. This strict policy is having a profound impact not only on the Chinese economy, but also internationally. Lockdown starts when there is news of infection from any region in China. At the same time, the administration of that country is starting to quickly test everyone for corona and diagnose the infection. The local administration has said that strict action will be taken against any violation of the rules.

The world’s largest iPhone factory is located in China’s Zhengzhou province. From there, hundreds of workers were seen escaping by breaking the fence. That moment has gone viral. The video shows how the ‘terror’ of the lockdown is consuming the people of China.

It is learned that the company is not forcing any employees to retain them. But the ‘bait’ is being allowed to stop them. The company has announced to increase the bonus four times. It is also said that if you work till November 15, you will get additional bonus. But that doesn’t work either. Due to the shock of China’s strict ‘Covid policy’, once the lockdown starts, most of the workers want to leave the factory and go back home, fearing that there will be no opportunity to return easily. Everyone’s home is 100 km or more apart.

It should be noted that a couple of years ago, when the whole world was affected by the corona epidemic, China was able to quickly control the infection. But this time the situation seems to be gradually getting out of hand. The number of infected is increasing rapidly in one city after another. And so for the past few months, Beijing has been on the path of strict lockdown. Strict restrictions have been imposed wherever the infection has taken hold. Due to such a strict policy of the government, the Chinese people are breathing a sigh of relief. In this situation, 167 people have been infected in Zhengzhou province in the last one week. So the iPhone factory workers are not willing to walk the road of any risk.

The festive season is about to begin in the countries of the western world. Every year, before Christmas, New Year, iPhone sales spike. In this situation, the lockdown in the world’s largest iPhone factory has left the company worried. A recent report said iPhone production could drop by 30 percent once the lockdown begins. Buyers may face problems due to high demand.

Due to frequent lockdowns in China, Apple plans to gradually shift production from that country to other countries. For this reason, apart from Vietnam, Foxconn has decided to emphasize production capacity and supply chain in India. This Taiwanese company is responsible for iPhone production.

(November 3/RZ)