Vladimir Putin has taken refuge in a bunker. Recently, such news has spread with the speed of wind. But what happened suddenly for which Putin had to go into hiding? It would not be right to call it self-concealment. Russian media reports that there is now an outbreak of Russian flu in the country.

The Mirror reports that Kremlin officials are on high alert as the flu outbreak in Russia looms. Vladimir Putin will also be isolated and sheltered in a bunker for a few days due to concerns about his health. Do this only for the sake of his health and safety.

The Russian president has already canceled his annual set-piece press conference this month. This is the first such incident in ten years. But Vladimir Putin’s speech to parliament this month cannot be ruled out. But an unusually unprepared Kremlin claims it could be canceled as officials close to him come down with the flu.

“Many people in the Kremlin were infected with the flu,” the Novaya Gazeta Europe news outlet reported, citing infection data released by Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Media outlet Verstka, on the other hand, reported that Vladimir Putin may abandon his speech in the upper house of parliament. In addition, Vladimir Putin and his close family spend the annual New Year’s holiday in a bunker east of the Ural Mountains.

The report added, ‘Despite the president’s order to strengthen security measures at strategic facilities, Vladimir Putin’s already restrictive security measures have indeed intensified. Putin began spending more time in bunker-type premises. The president and his loved ones will celebrate the New Year in a bunker behind the Ural Mountains instead of the residence in Sochi as previously planned.’

(Dhaka Times / 14 December / SAT)