In response to the news that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was killed by a bullet, the Chinese Internet was flooded with comments such as “Hurray” and “Celebration party.” This is the “inferior gut” peculiar to Chinese people (= bad guts. There are no “guts” in the Chinese vocabulary). As expected, they are people who open graves and spit on corpses.

China’s power struggle unfolds in such a bleak field of spirit that it beats its enemies mercilessly.

There is no unique Japanese concept of generosity and compromise. Only this world is their range of thought. In the world of politics and government, if you are glared at by someone in power, you are finished. twisting the facts, falsely speaking ill of others), and taking credit for others.

President Xi Jinping chose a child caretaker as his power base, pushed his political opponents into the distance, and in particular, solidified the center of power with tea priests and yes-men, and enjoyed himself alone.

On the other hand, Mr. Xi has almost crushed his “political opponents.” Over the course of 10 years, he should have suppressed the public security system and strengthened his position as an emperor. However, he lacks the charismatic absoluteness of Chairman Mao Zedong, the founding father of the nation, and the next executive will likely focus on balance.

It was from May 2020 that officials of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security began to lose their positions one after another. Meng Jianzhu (Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission) was suddenly detained. He showed his shrewdness in exterminating the remnants of Mr. Zhou Yongkang (former Politburo Standing Committee member). The “achievement” was made fun of. Around the same time, Meng Hongwei, who had been dispatched to Interpol in Paris, was recalled to Beijing and ousted.