The Central Intelligence Agency CBI has arrested the leader of Trinamool Congress, the ruling party of West Bengal, Anubrata Mondal in the case of cow smuggling.

According to Indian media, CBI officials raided Anuvrata Mandal’s house in Bolpur’s Neechupatti on Thursday morning (August 11) local time. He was arrested from there.

Birbhum District Trinamool President Anubrata Mondal has been arrested in the cow smuggling case on the charge of non-cooperation in the investigation.

In a statement, the CBI said that a case was registered against Anuvrata Mondal in the country’s anti-corruption wing on September 21, 2020. Anubrata Mondal was arrested in that case.

After being arrested from his home in Bolpur on Thursday morning, Anubrata was first taken to Asansol ESI Hospital by the CBI. From there he was taken to the guest house of ECL. It is assumed that further medical examination will be done there.