Myanmar’s Rakhine bordering Bangladesh has turned violent again. There are reports that the army is retaliating after the separatist Arakan Army captured a police outpost in Rakhine and killed 19 police officers.

Myanmar-based media Irrawaddy said in a report that the ‘armed’ organization Arakan Army killed 19 police officers in Rakhine last Wednesday. In addition, the insurgent organization fighting for Rakhine’s autonomy has also captured the police outpost.

The Myanmar Army is giving a strong response to these activities of the Arakan Army. Irrawaddy claimed in the report that airstrikes are being carried out targeting the organization in the border areas.

According to the Irrawaddy news, the Arakan Army launched an attack on various police outposts on the border of Rakhine on August 2. Last Wednesday, 19 police officers were killed in addition to capturing an outpost. Also carries firearms, ammunition and other equipment.

Myanmar troops moved in to retake the outpost, using reinforcements and artillery. Local residents are fleeing to Maungdu city and neighboring Buthidang township due to the attack.

Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, two shells from the Myanmar warplanes came at Tumbru on the Naikshyongchari border of Bandarban. As a result, panic spread among the people of that area bordering Bangladesh.

However, there were no reports of any casualties in the firing from the Myanmar warplanes. Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is on alert at the border after the incident. Security patrols have also been strengthened.

According to local sources, at around 9:30 am on Saturday morning, Myanmar Army patrolled two warplanes and two fighting helicopters across the border pillars 40 and 41 under the jurisdiction of Reju Amtali BGB BOP of Tumbru border.

Around 8 to 10 bullets were fired from Myanmar warplanes and helicopters. Two bullets came from it and landed approximately 120 meters from the Bangladesh border.

Local Ghumdhum Union Parishad Chairman Jahangir Aziz Chowdhury told Dhaka Times, ‘Firing is going on between rebels and Myanmar forces inside the border of Myanmar. 25 to 40 mortar shell explosions are heard a day. Fear is normal. However, the patrolling of the BGB has been strengthened at the border.

If you want to know about this, BGB headquarters Director (Operation) Lieut. Colonel Faizur Rahman told Dhaka Times, ‘We have received information. Investigations are underway to confirm the incident. Besides, the situation is being monitored.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Naikshyongchari police station Tantu Saha told Dhaka Times that two consecutive unexploded mortar shells flew from Myanmar and landed at Tumbru Zero Point border in Ghumdhum Union of Naikshyongchari.

Last Sunday also, two mortar shells fired from Myanmar hit the population of Ghumdhum area of ​​Bandarban border. They did not explode and there were no casualties. The day after the incident, Dhaka issued a strong protest by summoning Myanmar’s ambassador Aung Kyaw Moe, who was posted in Dhaka.

After a program at Dhaka University last Thursday, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen told reporters, ‘The mortar shells came suddenly. We asked them (Myanmar), they said they will be careful in future.’

Meanwhile, the foreign minister said that no more citizens of Myanmar will be allowed to enter Bangladesh after the shelling on Saturday. Besides, Aung Kyaw Moe, Myanmar’s ambassador posted in Dhaka, was summoned on Sunday.

(September 3)