The death toll in a fire at a karaoke bar in Vietnam has risen to 32.

Reuters reported this information in a report on Thursday.

The fire broke out on the second and third floors of the karaoke bar on Tuesday night. The fire spread quickly due to the fire in different woods of the bar. And due to the severity of the fire, the customers and employees could not get out. Many tried to save their lives by jumping from the balcony. As a result, many people survived but their arms and legs were broken.

Rescue workers are searching for anyone else trapped in the bar.

A local police officer said, it is not known what started the fire in the bar.

Also in 2018, 13 people lost their lives in a fire at an apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Also in 2016, 13 people lost their lives in a fire at a bar in Hanoi.

And last month, three rescue workers lost their lives while putting out a fire in a bar in the capital.

(September 8)