Extreme tension on the campus of Chandigarh University in India on Saturday night. The hostel premises were disturbed by the protest. The excitement is about the leaked video of 60 female students taking a bath there. After the video was leaked, some of the students tried to commit suicide.

After that the excitement spread. Police reached the spot. A student was also arrested for her involvement in the video leak.

Allegedly, the videos were made by the accused student. Then sent them to a boy in Shimla. After that, the young man leaked the videos on social media.

A case under Section 354C of IPC and IT Act has been registered against the accused girl at the Garwan police post. Investigation of the case has started. According to the police, the accused girl is a first year MBA student.

On Saturday from noon to late night, the protest went on in the Chandigarh University campus. The slogan is ‘We for Justice’. It is known that arrangements have been made to keep the accused student in a separate place so that she is not attacked.

Despite claims by the police, no suicide attempts have been reported and no deaths have occurred.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students took to the streets as chaos erupted on campus on Saturday night. The video of the girl students protesting in the early hours of the morning has already gone viral. Several social media posts have alleged that the university authorities are trying to cover up the whole matter.

Punjab Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains appealed to the girls to remain calm. “This is a very touching matter and a matter of honor for our sisters and daughters,” she tweeted. Let us and every media be aware. This incident has put us to the test as social beings.’

(September 18/AH)