After the United Kingdom, hospitals in New Zealand are also offering vaping to patients. The vaping business is being suggested in New Zealand as an effective way to quit smoking.

Health authorities in the Wanganui district on the country’s North Island said hospitals there have been declared smoke-free zones. Not only that, patients will be offered free vaping as an alternative to smoking if needed. This initiative is taken considering that vaping is much safer than smoking.

Vaping is to be approved in England to reduce the harm of cigarettes. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the country has finalized the preparation of publishing the updated recommendations in this regard. After England, New Zealand is taking the initiative with the medical use of vaping.

In 2015, Public Health England found vaping to be 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes in their most influential study yet. In this context, the country’s National Health Service recommends the use of vaping to quit smoking. As part of this, vaping is being sold in various hospital shops across the UK.

Following in the footsteps of the UK, New Zealand authorities are also leaning towards making vaping relatively safe. In addition, vaping reduces the risk of second-hand smoke.

A sales representative on New Zealand’s Voxy website wrote that there are many smokers among hospital patients. Their body needs nicotine. It is difficult for them to stop smoking suddenly. Vaping will be an effective option for them to quit smoking. Vortec Vaping will help you to quit smoking.

Rosie McMenamin, New Zealand’s public health center’s tobacco control coordinator, said New Zealand’s Maori New Year begins on Monday, June 27. It has been decided to make the hospital smoke-free to coincide with this day. This initiative of the special day will give a positive message.

McMenamin said staff in various hospital wards are being encouraged to quit smoking. They will be given free vaping. From now on, no one needs to smoke or go out to the hospital for nicotine needs in the body.

The hospital staff said, many people come to the hospital with mental problems, many also come to get drug related services. They need to smoke. But since smoking is prohibited inside the hospital or in the front premises, they have to go outside the hospital with the help of staff to smoke. It is harmful to health.

From now on they no longer have to go outside the hospital to smoke. Rather, vaping can be done in the hospital to meet the body’s nicotine needs.