American troops entered Ukraine. They are monitoring NATO arms deliveries to the country, a Pentagon official told several US media outlets on Monday. However, it is not clear how many troops have entered or where they are stationed.

The force is led by Brigadier General Garrick Harmon, the US defense attache in Kiev, the official said, speaking to The Associated Press, NBC News and other members of the Pentagon press pool.

The official told reporters, ‘There have been several inspections. However, without disclosing where they were being carried out, he said the checks were not being done ‘closer to the front line’, but were being carried out where necessary according to the security situation.’

The United States inspected its arms shipments to Ukraine before Russia began its military campaign in February. But a few days before the start of the war, they evacuated the staff from Ukraine. It is unclear how many soldiers have returned or when checks have resumed.

The US State Department announced last week that it would allocate US troops to provide security assistance to the Ukrainian government. However, it has not been mentioned whether these personnel will be taken from the military ranks.

The plan was announced after media reports, citing US intelligence agencies, said Washington could not trace the weapons it sends to Ukraine.

An intelligence source told CNN in April that the weapons disappeared into “a big black hole” after entering Ukraine. A Pentagon official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters that Kyiv has maintained a “transparent” position and has so far cooperated with inspectors.

After Americans willingly fought and died in Ukraine, Washington admitted that its troops were on the battlefield.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the US and its NATO allies against getting involved in the conflict, and even before the announcement, he said the Kremlin sees itself as fighting the ‘entire Western military machine’ in Ukraine.

(November 2)