Washington and Moscow are expected to meet soon on a possible resumption of inspections under New Start, the landmark nuclear disarmament treaty signed between the US and Russia. The US State Department said this on Tuesday. News from AFP.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters, ‘We have agreed that the BCC (Bilateral Coordinating Committee) will meet very soon under the terms of the New START agreement.’

“Its work is confidential, but we look forward to a constructive session,” Price said.

“Despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States is prioritizing risk reduction in this conversation,” he said.

Price declined to give the date or location of the meeting. This will be the first for the commission since October 2021.

In early August, Moscow announced the suspension of US inspections of its military installations under the New START agreement. In this case, they said, they took such action in response to America’s obstruction of Russia’s visit.

The New Start agreement is the latest such bilateral agreement between the world’s two major nuclear powers. The agreement was signed in 2010. Under the agreement, the arsenals of the two countries are to be limited to a maximum of 1,550 strategic nuclear warheads, which is about 30 percent less than the previous limit set in 2002.

(09 November/FA)