At least 12 people have died across the US in the second largest blizzard in history. At least 200 million people have suffered due to disruption of electricity and water supply due to the storm. About 4,500 flights have been cancelled.

According to the news agency Reuters and BBC, this storm occurred over a large area of ​​the United States throughout the day on Thursday and Friday.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the United States Central Weather Service (NWS) said that the storm was in an area of ​​about 13,000 kilometers from the southern state of Texas to the northernmost state of Maine. The NWS called the storm “one of the largest natural disasters in US history” in a statement Friday.

According to Reuters, although the impact of the storm has subsided, the weather is still not completely normal in most parts of the country. Millions of homes and institutions are still without power. Airports have already canceled 4 thousand 400 flights.

According to NWS data, the temperature in the western state of Montana dropped to minus 45 degrees Celsius. Most of the state is covered by a thick layer of snow. In addition, snow continues to fall in several states in Michigan, Buffalo, New York, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma. The temperature in these states has dropped to minus 42 degrees.

Weather departments in Kansas, Tennessee and Wyoming said the coldest temperatures have not been seen in 26 years. New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina have already issued states of emergency due to storms, freezing temperatures and snowfall.

In addition to the weather emergency, South Dakota and Wisconsin have also declared an energy emergency due to the energy crisis.

24 December/ES