Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has blamed Ukraine’s secret services for the car bombing of Daria Dagina, the daughter of staunch nationalist Russian ideologue and philosopher Alexander Dagin. News from Reuters.

Russian news agencies reported that the charge was brought against Ukraine on Monday.

Dagina was killed in a car explosion on Saturday evening. A suspected explosive device blew up Dagina’s Toyota Land Cruiser, Russian investigators said. However, Ukraine has denied involvement in the killing.

The FSB said the attack was carried out by a Ukrainian woman born in 1979. The woman and her teenage daughter arrived in Russia in July. They rented an apartment in the same housing block and researched Dagina’s lifestyle and prepared for the attack for a month.

The assailant attended an event outside Moscow on Saturday evening before detonating Dagina’s car in a ‘controlled explosion’ and driving from Russia to Estonia. Dagina and her father were also present at the event.

(22 Aug)