South London’s Lambeth Council has announced free vape for pregnant women in a bid to cut costs on cigarettes. BBC news.

According to Lambeth Council, pregnant women spend £2,000 a year on cigarettes alone. The ‘Stop Smoking’ service will save British parents £2,000 a year. Otherwise they will continue to spend this amount on tobacco.

The Bangladeshi value of 2 thousand pounds is about two and a half lakh taka.

The NHS says little research has been done on the safety of e-cigarettes during pregnancy.

A council spokeswoman said using e-cigarettes could help women quit smoking. Smoking during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. Smoking increases the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage and pre-term birth. According to the available data, women from low income families are more likely to smoke during pregnancy.

“We now plan to support the use of e-cigarettes in women who choose this route to quit smoking,” the spokeswoman said of reducing smoking addiction among pregnant women. Because vaping is less harmful than cigarettes.

He added, ‘We recognize that although it is best for pregnant smokers to stop smoking without continuing to use nicotine, this is difficult to do. In that case if they choose to use e-cigarettes, it can help them become smoke-free.’

(October 26)