The United Kingdom on Friday imposed sanctions on 30 particularly corrupt political figures, human rights abusers and perpetrators of conflict-related sexual violence around the world. News from Reuters.

In a statement imposing the sanctions, the country said the sanctions were coordinated with international partners to mark International Anti-Corruption Day and World Human Rights Day. The list also includes those involved in activities including torture of prisoners and mobilization of troops to rape civilians.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said in a statement, ‘Our sanctions today are aimed at exposing those behind this egregious violation of our most basic rights.’

Those banned are citizens of 11 countries. These include 10 Iranian officials linked to Iran’s judicial and prison system, individuals linked to Myanmar’s military junta, Russian Colonel Ebatulin for his role as commander of the 90th Tank Division, Mali’s Katiba Makina group, also known as Makina Liberation Front. Britain said they were involved in sexual violence.

The list also includes South Sudanese officials linked to sexual violence.

(Dhaka Times / 09 December / SAT)