Two Bangladeshi nationals have been arrested with dozens of fake passports from a house in Rampal Chowk area of ​​Delhi, India. Fake rubber stamps of various ministries of Bangladesh were found with the arrested.

West Bengal’s Anandabazar media reported this information in a report on Sunday, August 14.

Dwarka Deputy Commissioner M Harsh Vardhan said routine search operations were conducted in Delhi ahead of India’s 76th Independence Day. Then two Bangladeshis named Muhammad Mustafa and Muhammad Hussain Sheikh were arrested from a house during a raid in Rampal Chowk area.

Harsh Vardhan told reporters, “11 fake passports and fake rubber stamps of different ministries and notaries of Bangladesh were seized from those two people. Those passports were issued in the names of various citizens of Bangladesh. And they could not give a proper answer as to how they collected the fake rubber stamps.

During police interrogation, the two arrested said that they used to work as agents for Bangladeshi citizens who went to India for medical treatment. The Delhi Police is investigating their allegations.

A case has been filed against the two detained Bangladeshis under the Foreigners Act and Section 468 of the Indian Penal Code.

(August 14)