The Twitter authorities closed all their offices amid massive layoff of employees including numerous engineers. Twitter has not said anything about the reason for the closure. However, it is believed that billionaire Elon Musk’s company has decided that the employees will be in trouble due to leaving their jobs.

In a report on Friday, the British newspaper The Guardian reported such information.

In a message sent to the employees, the Twitter authorities said, ‘The office will be reopened on November 21. Till then everyone’s office badge will be invalid. That is, they will not have access to the office or Twitter’s internal network system.

It also says, ‘Avoid discussing company information on social media, media or elsewhere and abide by company policy’.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X and the world’s richest man, bought Twitter on October 27 for $4,400 million.

He then took over as CEO of Twitter himself. After taking over, he has already laid off half of the company’s workforce besides firing top executives. In the meantime, several top officials have also left Twitter.

On Thursday, the new owner Elon Musk made a condition — to work longer hours, or to leave the job. He also asked to sign a paper stating the time to accept this condition. However, most of the workers rejected his condition and started resigning en masse. There are many engineers on the list of layoffs. People who fix Twitter’s bugs and keep the service running. Soon after they quit, Twitter’s services were threatened. The crisis reached its peak on Thursday night. After that, Twitter temporarily closed their offices.

Meanwhile, ordinary users have started turning their backs on the company. The social media is filled with hashtags like ‘Rip Twitter’, ‘Twitter Down’.

(18 November/MH/ES)