Twin sisters married a young man. Such a strange incident happened in Solapur, Maharashtra, India. According to multiple reports, the two sisters had a crush on the same man. So both the families accepted the strange marriage. Recently there was also a grand wedding.

According to multiple reports, twin sisters Pinky and Rinki of Akluj village in Solapur, Maharashtra look very similar. Professionally there is also similarity. Both are IT engineers. Two sisters work in Mumbai. It is not easy to understand who is Rinki and who is Pinky.

Both of them remember the same young man. Similarly, the twin sisters married the young man named Atul at the same time.

According to a report by Marathi media Maharashtra Times, the father of the two sisters died recently. Since then two sisters lived with their mother. Meanwhile, two sisters and mother fell ill. At that time they used to go to the hospital in Atul’s car. At that time both sisters remembered Atul. Then the wedding in grand style.

In a viral video, two young women are getting married by accident. The young man is sitting on some people’s shoulders. Two sisters are trying to garland him. Initially, they could not wear the garland as the young man was very tall.

Then someone picked up a sister from behind. He garlanded the young man. The other sister also jumped and put a garland around the young man’s neck. Then the young man was dropped from the shoulder. After seeing the video, there was laughter on social media.

(December 4/AJ)