Former US President Donald Trump has appealed for a stay of investigation into documents recovered from his home. Trump made this appeal in a case against the country’s justice department.

Donald Trump filed the lawsuit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The country’s intelligence agency FBI conducted a surprise raid on Donald Trump’s house in Florida on August 8 of this month. The FBI demanded secret documents from his home.

In the court filing, Trump’s lawyers requested that an expert lawyer unaffiliated with the case be hired to review the documents. The lawyer will check whether these documents fall under executive privilege. That would prevent former presidents from releasing several communications records to the public.

Along with lawyers, the country often appoints a retired judge to conduct these investigations.

Besides, the petition also asks for the return of any documents seized outside the search warrant.

The petition also said that the police cannot be allowed to influence the judiciary. Law enforcement will act as a bulwark to protect American citizens. No one can use them for political gain.

(23 Aug)