The country is currently in extreme tension around the US mid-term elections. However, the Republicans did not have as much influence on the results as they had created before the vote. In the meantime, a conflict has arisen in the Republican camp over who will be the presidential candidate in the 2024 election. Especially between former US President Donald Trump and Florida Governor DeSantis. In the meantime, it has been heard that there has been a rift in Trump’s inner circle over the announcement of the presidential election campaign.

Donald Trump’s top political operatives at Mar-a-Lago are pushing ahead with next week’s announcement of his planned 2024 presidential campaign, The Guardian reports. But a chorus of allies is suggesting a delay until after the Senate runoff in Georgia in December.

Republicans have been forced to blame an underwhelming performance from right-wing candidates who supported the former US president in the midterm elections. Even the defeat of Republican candidate Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania has created uncertainty over which party will control the Senate.

But Trump has publicly said he plans to announce his 2024 presidential campaign next week. He has been behind the scenes at Mar-a-Lago as a sign of concern about his standing after disappointing results in the midterm elections. Even he remains unsure of how to proceed.

Trump’s top aides have strongly pressed him to announce his latest White House campaign as planned on Tuesday, the Guardian reported, citing sources. According to the party workers, if Trump hides in the hole like this before the final election of the Senate, then he will not be found after the announcement of the result of the Senate election. He will surely break down.

Trump has no choice but to wait until the Senate runoff, where his handpicked Republican candidate, Herschel Walker, has trailed Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock. His staff told him he could take credit if Walker won, and if Walker lost, his position would not change.

Among those pushing Trump to declare a presidential campaign are former Trump 2016 campaign adviser David Bossie and aide Maga Inc. Pac. They have expressed loyalty to Trump.

But he also called on a growing chorus of advisers with no formal role in his party or his political action committee to hold off until the Senate runoff. Then Trump is asked to decide how to announce his candidacy based on how the polls break down in Georgia.

The initial plan was for Trump to announce his candidacy on Tuesday and make the start of the campaign a several-day affair, the sources said. Because in the mid-term elections Republicans were excited to create a ‘red web’ but it did not materialize in the polls.

Trump has been gearing up for weeks to launch his 2024 presidential campaign. He suggested waiting until after the mid-term elections to make the announcement in the summer. But he could not do that last Saturday instead hinting to make the announcement a week after the election.

(11 November)