Seven chimpanzees escaped from their cage at Furuvik Zoo in Sweden. But instead of being caught alive, they were shot. Three chimpanzees lost their lives. Another was seriously injured. The common people of the country have expressed anger over the shooting and killing of these innocent animals that escaped from the cage. According to them, they could be caught by pushing (tranquilize) anesthetic drugs through injection.

Animal expert Mathias Ossau told the British media BBC that chimpanzees are innocent animals. It does not pose any threat to the general public. He says, ‘If I had seen chimpanzees in a park, my fear would have worked. But I was not worried about my life. It’s a tragedy.’

It should be noted that when any animal escapes from the zoo, they are put to sleep with arrows mixed with sleeping pills. Then caught again in the cage. But in this case, the authorities said, if the sleeping pills were to work on the chimpanzees, the arrows had to be shot very close. That’s why it was decided to shoot.

Authorities claim that chimpanzees look calm but are very dangerous animals. They move very fast, have no fear and are very strong. They did not want to endanger any human life.

So I didn’t wake up. Not only that the arrow has to be shot very close, but it takes 10 minutes for the chimpanzee’s body to react to it. Animals are well cared for in zoos. They love animals very much. But in this case there was no other option but to take extreme decisions.

Authorities claim that the rest of the chimpanzees are now in the zoo, but have not been brought into their designated enclosures. The broken part is being repaired in that enclosure. So now no one is allowed to enter there.

However, there has been confusion over the words of the zoo authorities. At first, they said, four chimpanzees escaped. Three were killed. an injured Then they report that the rest of the chimpanzees are inside, but not in the enclosure.

In Sweden, animals have escaped from zoos. A king cobra escaped from Stockholm’s open air museum at the end of October. A few days later he came back on his own. Two spotted owls also escaped from the zoo. Later they came back on their own.

The zoo is currently closed. The authorities said that these escaped chimpanzees still pose a threat to the common people. Zoo staff have been asked to stay safe.

(December 17/RZ)