Iran is going to export 40 turbines to Russia amid pressure from the United States and European countries for supplying drones. These turbines will be built and supplied based on an agreement signed with Russia. Turbines are of great importance in the gas industry.

Russia has proposed a gas supply hub in Turkey following the closure of the Nord Stream pipeline with Germany in the wake of the Ukraine war. Turkey also welcomed the matter. In the meantime, the news of Russia’s purchase of turbines from Iran came.

Iran’s Gas Industry Development and Engineering Company CEO Reza Noshadi told the country’s media that currently 85 percent of the equipment and infrastructure needed for the gas industry is being built in the country.

The official also said that the performance of Iranian-made turbines is higher than similar foreign turbines. This success has come from the hands of Iranian scientists and experts.

Reza Nushadi also said that Iran’s gas production has doubled amid Western sanctions.

Highlighting various conspiracies of the imperialists against the countries following the independent policies, he said that the countries demanding freedom and human rights are always working to stop the development and progress of Iran. But Iran’s young scientists managed to foil their conspiracy.—Perstoday

(24 October/ES)