This time, North Korea fired missiles at the South Korean coast. The country fired at least 80 shells towards the sea on Friday morning. Pyongyang made the move after the US and South Korea announced the extension of their joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula for another five days. Washington and Seoul started the joint exercise last Monday.

Pyongyang has issued a stern warning against extending the drills. Park Jong-chon, secretary of the Central Committee of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party, said, “The irresponsible decision of the United States and South Korea will cause the current situation caused by the joint forces’ provocative military actions to spiral out of control.” He termed the extension of the exercise as a ‘horribly wrong decision’.

Earlier, North and South Korea have fired missiles at each other for the past few days and for the first time these missiles have hit the coasts of both countries. As a result, the tensions caused by the joint military exercises between the US and South Korea have increased.

Pyongyang has called for an immediate end to the large-scale military exercises. Pyongyang considers any drill between Washington and Seoul to be a preparation for an attack on North Korea. North Korea issued a warning saying, “This kind of military tension will not be tolerated for much longer.”

04 November/ES