Scientists predict that the Pacific Ocean may shrink and form a supercontinent. Central America will be connected with Asia in this continent. But not now, it will be in the next 20 to 30 million years. The name of this continent will be ‘Amesia’.

A group of scientists from Australia’s Curtin University and China’s Peking University analyzed the evolution of the Earth’s tectonic plates and proposed this new supercontinent. They also created a model using a supercomputer to create a picture of the possible topography of the future Earth.

The results of this study by scientists from Australia’s Curtin and China’s Peking University on the supercontinent Amesia were published in the National Science Review journal on September 28.

Scientists say that the world we know is slowly changing. This change can completely change the concept of the current country-continent, sea-ocean. Scientists are talking about a new continent as well as the discovery of the sixth ocean on this earth.

Where is this continent being created?

Scientists have said that the speed at which the Pacific Ocean is shrinking will gradually form the continent in 20 to 30 million years. The world is moving in that direction.

Researchers say that the water in the Pacific Ocean is gradually decreasing. The height of the Pacific Ocean is decreasing by an average of 1 inch per year. And this will give rise to the new continent or better to say the mega-continent.

What can happen as a result?

Scientists say that as the water in the Pacific Ocean recedes, water from the Arctic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea will flow into it, and both will disappear over time. As a result, a new super-continent will be created.

Why super-continent?

Scientists call it a supercontinent. This is because, as a result of the change of these two seas and the Pacific Ocean, the area between Asia and America will slowly create new land. And it will cover the Americas and Asia. As a result, what will be created is a huge land. And that is what they call the great continent.

Is this the first?

Not at all. Scientists say that at one time all the landmasses of the world were gathered in one place. It was a kind of super-continent. The watershed was also in one place. That too was a kind of great ocean. After that new continents and oceans were formed due to shifting of tectonic plates. These too will not exist in the rule of time.

Can you see the new supercontinent?

less likely. Because scientists say, it will take about 200 to 300 million years to form. Means 20 million to 30 million years. There is also the question of whether anyone can survive until then.

(10th October/DM)