Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the world was facing the most dangerous decade since World War II. Blaming and condemning the West for preventing the war, he said the United States and its allies were scrambling to prevent an inevitable collapse of global hegemony.

In his longest public appearance since sending troops to Ukraine on February 24, Putin signaled he had no regrets about calling the situation in Ukraine a “special operation,” Reuters reported. Instead, he accused the West of inciting war and playing ‘dangerous, bloody geopolitical games that have sown the seeds of chaos around the world.’

In a session titled ‘A Post-Hegemonic World: Justice and Security for Everyone’ held at the Valdai Discussion Club, Putin said, ‘The historical period of undivided hegemony of the West in the world is coming to an end. We stand on a historic frontier; Ahead lies perhaps the most dangerous, unpredictable and most critical decade since World War II. The flow of events is leading to a definite revolutionary change.’

Putin also said that the Western world cannot deal with human civilization alone but they are desperately trying to do so. Most people in the world no longer want this American monopoly.

Regarding bilateral relations with the United States, Putin said that Russia has never considered itself an enemy of the West, but Moscow wants to be a friend of the Western countries and the NATO alliance. I always believe in common sense and that is why I am sure that today or tomorrow a multipolar world order will be established and the West will start discussing its future. The sooner that discussion happens the better.

(28 October)