Complaints between customers and shopkeepers about the quality of tea is not new. Even that is rarely seen. But being dissatisfied with the quality of tea, a customer stabbed the shopkeeper and injured him.

The incident happened on Tuesday in Kerala, India. There is a lot of excitement around such an incident. The victim, the tea shopkeeper, is currently hospitalized in critical condition.

Kerala Police told the media that the injured shopkeeper’s name is Munaf. On Tuesday morning, a young man named Subair went to his shop for tea. But Subair was not at all satisfied with the amount of sugar in the tea. He started talking to the shopkeeper about this.

After that, there was a grumble between the two. Subair got angry gradually. Munaf tries to calm him down but fails. At one point their grumbling turned into a fight. By that time, however, the problem was resolved.

But after some time Subair returned to the tea shop again. This time he brought a knife with him. After that, he cut the tea shopkeeper Munaf with a knife and ran away. Munaf was taken to a nearby hospital in a bloody condition. After initial treatment there, he was transferred to another hospital.

However, as Munaf’s condition gradually deteriorated, he was taken to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. Currently, his condition is said to be critical. Munaf is currently undergoing treatment there. Meanwhile, the accused customer Subair has been caught in the police net.

(January 5/AJ)