Catherine Cortez Masto

The Democrats managed to keep control of the Senate, the upper house of Congress, after winning a tight battle in Nevada. Joe Biden’s Democratic Party wins Nevada in private midterm election results.

Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Republican candidate Adam Laxtault. The victory gave the ruling Democrats control of the Senate.

In the results so far, Republicans have won 49 seats and Democrats have won 50 seats in the Senate. However, 51 seats are needed to gain control of the 100-seat Senate.

The second round of voting is scheduled to take place in Georgia on December 6. If the Republicans win there and the seats are 50-50, the Democrats will control the Senate with the votes of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are ahead in the lower house of representatives. Republicans have won 211 seats out of 435 seats till last report. And the Democrats got 203. 218 seats are required for majority in the House of Representatives.

Midterm elections usually have a tone of rejection for the ruling party. But in this election, although it was assumed that the red wave of the Republican Party (massive support for the Republicans) would spread widely, it did not happen in reality. Both the parties had a hard fought battle to win the polls.

Meanwhile, the Biden camp is not giving up hope of winning the House of Representatives. Because it is believed that the implementation of Biden’s program will gain momentum if the Republicans get the majority in the lower house.

(13 November/DM)