Traffic on that road cannot be blocked during the transit of VVIPs. Even, no vehicle can be stopped in advance in the opposite lane. The same rule will apply to the Chief Minister of the state. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has given such an order.

According to Indian media, after becoming the Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee said that she does not want other cars to be stuck on the road because her car is going. Because it increases the suffering of common people. But allegedly, keeping in mind the Chief Minister’s safety, the police officers used to stop the traffic on the road in advance during his journey. As a result, even though the Chief Minister’s car was traveling without a hitch, many common people had to suffer during busy hours.

A section of the country’s police claimed that the Chief Minister saw the road empty on his way from home to the Assembly last week. He inquired and found out that traffic had already been stopped there.

As Mamata did not like the matter, she brought it to the attention of the police officers. Sources claim that after this, the authorities of Lalbazar and the policemen in charge of the chief minister’s security took action. The city’s 25 traffic guards have been told that even if a VVIP or the Chief Minister himself is traveling on the road, traffic cannot be stopped. According to a source in Lalbazar, on the basis of which vehicles have been stopped in advance on the Chief Minister’s route since Monday.

A police officer said that earlier, the way VVIPs were traveling was controlled by not stopping the traffic, this is being done now. However, they have to keep in mind the safety of the Chief Minister separately. Care is being taken to ensure that no other vehicle comes close to his vehicle.

(29 November/AR)