British Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession arrived at Wellington Arch after a 45-minute journey after a prayer service at Westminster Abbey.

From Westminster Hall, the Queen’s procession entered Westminster Abbey through the West Gate of Westminster Abbey, built in the 13th century. As the Queen’s funeral procession entered the church, 2,000 worshipers stood up to honor the Queen.

The Queen’s funeral is being led by the Dean of Westminster, David Hoyle, BBC reports.

Baroness Scotland, Director-General of the Commonwealth, first read a passage from the Bible to pray for the repose of the Queen’s soul in the church. This was followed by a song written by Judith Weir especially for the Queen’s funeral service.

Earlier, Prime Minister Liz Truss paid tribute to the Queen by reading a passage from the Bible.

The song that was sung at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 was also sung on her final journey. The prayer ceremony in the church ends with the singing of the national anthem.

(September 19)