JR Moringer

Britain’s Prince Harry’s autobiography ‘Spare’ is now at the peak of discussion worldwide. The book was officially released on Tuesday. Before that, some sensational information was leaked in the international media. People’s curiosity has increased manifold. This is also proven by the sale of the book. But Moringer, another famous author and Pulitzer-winning journalist, is behind it.

The BBC reports that JR Moringer, the ghostwriter of Harry’s autobiography ‘Spare’, is also being discussed. Because even though it is Yuvraj’s biography, it is written by Moringa. Moringer has a considerable reputation as the author behind the autobiographies of famous people.

In a recent interview, he said that before writing an autobiography, he tries to ‘get inside the person’s head’. So he made himself by reading the writings of psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Hollywood star George Clooney assisted Moringer in writing Harry’s autobiography. He was the one who introduced Harry to Moringar. However, he did not do the work just like that. For this, Moringer took a fee of 10 crore rupees.

(January 11)