Love is like jackfruit glue, it doesn’t want to let go easily. Laili Majnura has proved this common proverb for ages, but the schoolgirls of Burdwan, India have proved it again. Hearing the news of the death of her lover, Kuaya jumped in grief.

According to Indian media sources, on Sunday, a school-going girl in Kalla area of ​​Asansol North Police Station in West Burdwan, India, was devastated after hearing the news of her boyfriend’s unusual death. He also committed suicide within 24 hours.

According to police sources, the minor jumped into an abandoned well (locally known as Chanak) in Koliadi.

According to local sources, both the deceased are school students. They are residents of the same neighborhood. The two were close. The minor committed suicide by suddenly hanging himself on Saturday. The cause of his death is unclear.

Locals said that he committed suicide due to the deterioration of the relationship. During the police investigation of that incident, an unusual death occurred in another house just 200 meters away from that house.

A minor committed suicide in an abandoned colliery on Sunday morning. West Burdwan district administration suffered a lot while recovering his body from there. The National Disaster Response Team was notified.

The girl’s family is reluctant to speak to reporters. The Asansol North police station has already started investigating the incident.

Police said the post-mortem of the bodies will be conducted at the Asansol District Hospital. Why two people committed suicide is also being investigated.

(September 12)