As far as you can see only the blue waters of the sea. A small island standing alone in the chest of that water. It has almost no contact with the mainland. The steep side of the island is rocky. Almost flat surface. Wrapped in green It may look as if someone has gently placed a huge block of stone into the water.

Recently, there is a lot of buzz on social media about this island. But not because of the island itself, but because of a lonely house on the island. The house looks almost like a white dot in the distance among the huge rocks. There is no road of communication, who built a house on that island isolated from the mainland? There is no end to the curiosity about why he made it.

Indeed, on such an isolated island, what a need to build a house! While everyone is looking for an answer, several facts, beliefs or claims are floating around. But that information or belief has been circulating for decades, not suddenly.

The name of the island is Eliday. This island stands alone in the south of Iceland. Meanwhile, the white house is surrounded by mystery. The Elidae Islands are an isolated part of the Vestmannaean Archipelago. This island was inhabited 300 years ago. Five families lived on this island.

The families lived by fishing, grazing cattle and hunting puffins. But in the 1930s, the last inhabitants left the island. Since then the island has been completely abandoned.

Rumors, questions and information swirl about that lonely house on the island. According to The Sun, one of them is that a billionaire built the house. Because if one day there is a ‘zombie’ attack in Iceland, he can stay safe by coming to this house.

Another information says that the house was built by Björk, a famous singer of Iceland, not a millionaire. The island was gifted to him by the government of Iceland. But it is also a common belief that a saint lived in that house.

However, many are reluctant to act on these information or beliefs. They claim that there is no such house on that island. Instead, the house has been photoshopped in the picture. This house is already known as the ‘loneliest house in the world’. So what is the secret of this lonely house?

The house was actually built by the Eliday Hunting Association, reports The Mirror. The 110-acre island is home to a small bird called the puffin. The house was built by the Eliday Hunting Association for hunting these birds. There are two types of puffins. Tufted Puffin and Horned Puffin. They are found in the North Pacific Ocean.

(16 December/AJ)