In Myanmar, Myanmar’s ruling junta government has threatened citizens with up to 10 years in prison if they share or like posts of opponents of the government on social media.

According to the news agency Reuters, yesterday (Tuesday) this threat was made on behalf of the Myanmar government.

In a press conference yesterday, the ruling junta’s information minister and spokesman Jao Min Tin said, “terrorists” are campaigning to destabilize the country and seek funds to kill innocent people. So support to them will be dealt with strictly.

He said support for social media activities of the Government of National Unity (NUG) or its armed affiliate People’s Defense Forces (PDF) could be jailed for three to 10 years. Even those who will help with a small amount of money, the situation will be worse.

He also said that terrorists are trying to create chaos in the country by killing innocent people by collecting money. If you fund terrorists or support their activities, you will face severe punishment. We are doing this to protect innocent civilians.

The country’s military seized power after the ouster of former leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s government last year. Since then, the junta government has taken strict measures to suppress various anti-government protests by ordinary citizens. In addition, members of the military are regularly engaged in clashes with various anti-government groups within the country.

And members of anti-government groups are using social media to organize their activities and anti-government public opinion, the junta government has alleged.

(September 21)