Israel’s ambassador to West Asia and the Middle East, Nayor Gilon, apologized to Bangladesh’s neighboring country India. He tweeted this apology on Monday night. But what happened that the Israeli ambassador suddenly had to apologize to India?

It is known that the chairman of the jury board of the festival and the Israeli director Lapid Nadav commented on the Indian movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri as ‘obscene’ and ‘propaganda’ at the international film festival held in Goa recently.

This incident has left the BJP government of India in trouble. Because the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was heard praising the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. News of the film’s criticism spread like wildfire.

So that the comments made by the Israeli director should not affect their relationship with India, Israeli ambassador Nayor Gilon hastily apologized to India. At the same time, he criticized the Israeli director.

Nayo wrote an open letter to India. There, Lapid wrote to Nadav, ‘You should be ashamed, don’t openly say the negative attitude you have about Israel. But do not express such a negative attitude about other countries.’

Nayor Gillon criticized the director of his country in several tweets. Not only that, he ensured that the director’s comments did not have any adverse effect on India-Israel relations.

Nayor writes, ‘It is wrong to insult a country whose culture respects the guest as God. Nadav has done his best by becoming the chairperson of the EFF panel. I am not a film buff. However, if you comment on any historical topic, it is appropriate to study it.’

‘The Kashmir Files’ was released on March 21 this year. Due to its controversial background, the film ran into legal trouble before its release. The builders faced several hurdles. However, the film did well at the box office.

(29 November/AJ)