Xi Jinping said that China and the United States must find a “way to live together” to protect world peace and development. Xi’s unprecedented speech came after the Communist Party of China (CPC) congress ended his five-year term as China’s leader. China’s state news agency CCTV reported the news on Thursday.

China’s relationship with the US is not good. China’s autonomous Taiwan issue, opposition suppression in Hong Kong, human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China’s diplomatic support to Russia in the Ukraine war, the two countries are seen to be facing each other on various issues.

He was re-elected as the party’s general secretary at the 20th Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee on Sunday. Through this, Xi took the responsibility of the leader of China for another five years in the third term.

President Xi said, ‘China and the United States must find ways to live together to safeguard world peace and development.’ In a congratulatory letter to the National Committee on US-China Relations, Xi wrote, ‘The world today is neither peaceful nor tranquil.’

He said, “Strengthening communication and cooperation between China and the United States as major powers will help to increase global stability and security and promote world peace and development.”

“China is willing to work with the United States to respect each other, peacefully coexist and find ways to live together in a new era.” It will not only be good for both countries, but also good for the whole world,” Xi wrote in the congratulatory letter.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Biden administration said this month that China is the U.S.’s only rival for its intent to rebuild international order and advance that objective in terms of growing economic, military, and technological power.

(October 27/DM)