The black box of the plane that crashed in Nepal’s Pokhara with 72 passengers has been recovered. The black box was found on Monday morning, about 24 hours after the Sunday morning accident.

An official named Sher Bath Thakur of Pokhara Airport gave this information. Finding the black box is expected to reveal the real cause of the plane crash.

The plane, bound for Pokhara from the capital Kathmandu, crashed into a forest on the banks of the Seti Gandaki river 10 seconds before landing. All the passengers including the four crew died in that incident. 68 bodies were recovered but four were not found. At least 20 of the dead are citizens of different countries.

Initially, the plane was believed to have crashed due to bad weather. However, Nepal’s Ministry of Aviation later said that the sky was clear. As a result, the plane crashed due to mechanical failure.

Nepalese media claimed that the plane had made a sharp turn while landing. That’s when the pilot lost control. It was flying dangerously low. After that, an explosion was heard.

The Ministry of Aviation of Nepal said that the actual cause of the accident will be known soon as the black box has been recovered.

(January 16/DM)