Many people throw away food when insects fall on the leaves. However, a woman from Johannesburg, South Africa does the exact opposite. Morning, noon and night, every time he eats, he wants to have some kind of insect on his leg.

The woman’s name is Joanie Takeo. Joanie, 30, said on social media that she has a strange fascination with insects. So he cannot eat any food except insects.

The science of eating insects is called ‘entomophagy’. Joanie claims that the insects she eats are very tasty. Sometimes he dried and ground the nettles and spread the powder on the salad. Sometimes the curry is made with special types of caterpillars and kiwi fruit.

According to Joanie, she also likes to eat ‘tacos’ made by mixing different types of insects together and specially made insect biscuits.

Joani, an insect lover, also said how to eat an insect. He claims that ‘mealworm’ is a type of insect that can be eaten exactly like meat. Ants taste salty. And insects are like nuts to eat. His favorite insect is ‘Bamboo Worm’. Once he gets hold of these bugs, he practically eats them like chips.

Seeing Joanie, many people are reminded of Timon and Pumbaa from the movie ‘Lion King’. They also ate insects day and night. But Joanie says that not all insects are tasty. As an example he mentions crabs. They have no special taste even if eaten in chocolate.

Joani said that in 2017, her father brought home some food made from insects while traveling in various Asian countries. That’s when he started eating insects for the first time. He liked it so much that he did not stop eating insects.

Not only the taste, this diet is also environmentally friendly, Joani claims. He has also created his own food manufacturing company so that more people have the opportunity to eat food made from insects. His company produces a variety of foods made from insects.

(18 November/AJ)