The year is 1999. Alabama region of America. Allan Eugene Miller, a professional truck driver, murdered three colleagues under suspicion. Allan is gay – the three murdered men spread the word among the rest of the colleagues at work. Alan decided to kill the three workers in anger.

What is said is what is done. Allan shot three colleagues in the chest, Terry Jarvis, Lee Holdbrooks and Scott Yancey. He was arrested. The case of this murder arose in the Supreme Court of America. The judgment of that case was last September 22. The court sentenced Alan to death.

The execution method of this punishment is also terrible. The court ordered that Alan be killed by lethal injection. But Alan was afraid to take the injection. So he requested to kill him by some other method.

But the US Supreme Court did not keep Alan’s request. Rather, the members of the execution team paid more attention to ensure that there was no error in his last meal before his death.

A few hours before the injection, Alan was fed meatloaf, chuckwagon steak, orange juice, cheese, apples, potatoes, french fries, macaroni and more. According to the court order, Alan was scheduled to be sentenced on September 22 before 12 pm. Only three hours were left.

After feeding, Alan was taken to the chamber for the lethal injection. But strange thing. No vein was found in his body to inject the needle. After many attempts, all failed to find the vein. Meanwhile, the sentence goes by. Alan escaped the death penalty.

Alan said in 2018 he wanted to die by nitrogen hypoxia. In this method, a person is suffocated to death by locking a person in a closed room filled with nitrogen gas instead of oxygen. Alan claims he made this request on a piece of paper from his cell while in custody.

But Alabama prison officials said they had received no such request from Allan. According to the police, Alan used various tricks to avoid the death penalty. The accused has now returned to his previous address in jail. He will remain there until the new verdict in the case.

(September 26/AH)