The US has announced a new $2.5 billion aid package for Ukraine. Ukraine has repeatedly requested to provide high-quality tanks to prevent Russia, but the country is not getting them in this package. Following the United States, the path to Germany’s tanks is also temporarily closed for Ukraine.

According to the Pentagon’s new announcement, the Biden administration is providing a $2.5 billion aid package for Ukraine. Of these, 90 Stryker Combat Vehicles or Armored Vehicles, 59 Bradley Armored Vehicles are expected to provide a large amount of ammunition.

A meeting of several countries, including Germany and the United States, is scheduled to take place at the US military base in Germany on Friday. Washington’s announcement earlier suggests that Germany may follow the same path.

Ukraine has been specifically asking for several German tanks for the past few days. In this regard, Poland said that they have the German tank. However, with Germany’s green signal, they will hand over the tank to Ukraine.

However, the German chancellor said that the decision will be announced only after considering all aspects and discussing with everyone. Officials in Berlin said that if the United States gives tanks, Germany will also give tanks.

Meanwhile, Ukraine also asked the United States for Abrams tanks. But the United States says that such advanced tanks cannot be used by Ukraine now. Operating this tank requires significant training. That is why they are not given tanks.

Meanwhile, after the US announcement, Ukraine has not commented on it yet. However, the country’s President Zelensky has been repeatedly asking for several tanks for several days.

(20th January/MH/ES)