Taiwan rejects China’s ‘one country, two policies’ theory.

Taiwan’s foreign minister explained his country’s position on China’s proposed model on Thursday, The Straits Times reported.

Last August 10 (Wednesday), China warned that it will not tolerate the secession of Taiwan. In this case, China also announced the use of military force. Besides, China offered Taiwan ‘one country, two policies’.

In a conference held in the capital Taipei, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Joanne Wu said that China is using US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit as an excuse. Through this, an attempt is being made to create fear among the people of Taiwan. But the future of Taiwan will be determined by the people of the country.

However, even though the military drills around Taiwan’s waters have ended, China has announced strict surveillance on them.

Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last week. His visit coincided with China’s largest-ever military drills around Taiwan waters. China has threatened Taiwan through this exercise.

However, Taiwan announced military exercises after China’s military exercises.