A powerful earthquake struck the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The magnitude of this earthquake was seven. A tsunami warning has been issued in the area following the earthquake. BBC news.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake originated at a depth of 15 km below the surface, 18 km southwest of Malango, after 1 pm local time on Tuesday.

About half an hour after the first earthquake, a magnitude 6 tremor occurred at a depth of 10 km below the surface, 31 km from the coast.

Eyewitnesses say the strong tremors caused everything from televisions to falling to the ground.

Joy Nisha, a receptionist at the capital’s Heritage Hotel, said it was a major earthquake. Some items in the hotel have fallen. Everyone is fine. But scared.

A tsunami warning has been issued for the Solomon coast within 300 km of the epicenter.

(22 November/FA)