A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck Nepal on Tuesday (November 8) midnight. Six deaths have been reported so far. Five others were injured. National Seismological Center (NCS) reported this information in the local media Kathmandu Post. Meanwhile, the earthquake was felt in the surrounding areas including the capital of India, New Delhi, for about 10 seconds. Delhi’s losses are not that great.

It is reported that a strong earthquake hit the western Doti district at 2:12 pm local time on Tuesday. Its magnitude was 6.6 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Khaptad National Park.

Bhola Bhatta, Acting Chief of Doti District Police Office, said the victims of the earthquake include an eight-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl, two 14-year-old girls, a 40-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man. They are residents of Gaira Gaon in Purichowki Palli Municipality. Five injured people have been admitted to a local hospital.

The powerful earthquake was also felt as far away as Kathmandu and parts of India. As a result, several houses collapsed in Doti. All the victims were buried under the debris of the collapsed house and lost their lives.

There is a lot of confusion about the magnitude of the earthquake in Nepal. However, examples of variation in earthquake magnitude across space, time, and even organization are not new. However, the level of confusion about Tuesday’s earthquake is somewhat higher. According to NCS, the Indian news agency ANI said that the magnitude of the earthquake was 6.3. But initially its level was reported to be 5.3 decimal. Again, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), CNN said that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.6 and its origin was 15.7 km below the surface. According to the news agency Reuters, the magnitude of the earthquake is 6.6.

Note that Nepal is a landlocked mountainous country that is very vulnerable to earthquakes. About nine thousand people lost their lives in the country in 2015 in a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8. At least 6 billion US dollars were lost in the country at that time.

It is known that Nepal was shaken three times in one day on Tuesday. When the first earthquake struck in the morning, the magnitude was 4.5. The epicenter was 155 km northeast of Kathmandu, at a depth of 100 km. After that Nepal was shaken again by 9 pm. Then its magnitude was 4.9. Its source was near the Nepal border, at a depth of 10 km. Nepal shook again in five hours.

(November 9/RZ)