Muhammad Aziz Khan, founder chairman of Bangladeshi power sector company Summit, has become the 42nd richest person in Singapore.

Yesterday, Wednesday (September 7), the American magazine Forbes published the list of the top 50 richest people in Singapore.

The total amount of assets of Aziz in the list is 100 crores or one billion US dollars. If we calculate the exchange rate of 95 taka per dollar, the amount in Bangladeshi currency is nine and a half thousand crore taka.

Last year in 2021, Aziz Khan’s wealth was 99 million USD.

Summit Group has business in power port, fiber optics, infrastructure sector in Bangladesh.

All the businesses or institutions in the power sector in this country under Summit are owned or held by Summit Power International. And Summit Power International is registered in Singapore. Because of this, even though it does business in Bangladesh, since Summit Power International is registered in Singapore, its assets are accounted for in Singapore.

Aziz Khan’s daughter Ayesha is in charge of Summit Power International.

According to Forbes report, Aziz Khan has been a permanent resident of Singapore for more than a century.

In 2019, Aziz Khan’s net worth decreased slightly, but later his net worth continued to rise.

(September 8)