Heinz Christian Strasche, the former vice chancellor of the European country of Austria commented that the ban on Russia is having the opposite effect for the Western countries. He said the country’s economy is doing well despite thousands of sanctions imposed on Russia. Rather, the Western countries’ sanctions on Russia have begun to have the opposite effect.

He said these things at an anti-war rally held on Saturday in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

The portal minafn.com, which publishes news about the Middle East and world trade, has given this information in a report.

Heinz said that the Western countries did not want to achieve the goal by imposing sanctions on Moscow, but Moscow’s economy is quite strong. On the other hand, European countries have weakened the European economy due to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

He strongly criticized Europe’s policy makers’ blind support for the deadly war in the Donbass region. Heinz said, this conflict has been planned for many years.

The rally was also a protest against the imposition of sanctions on Russia. At the rally, he said his country has shown the European Union how anti-Russian sanctions are damaging Europe’s economy. Heinez Christian said, due to these anti-Russian sanctions, electricity and gas prices have increased and people will understand the impact more over time.

Austrian politician Heinz is of German descent. He served as the Vice Chancellor of Austria from 2017 to 2019.

11 December/ES