To overcome South Korea’s ongoing financial crisis, the country’s President Yoon-seok Yeol has pardoned the vice chairman of Samsung, one of the world’s leading electronics companies, Jay Y Lee.

On Friday (August 12), the country’s President JY Lee was pardoned. He was pardoned mainly to overcome the country’s financial crisis. Because the country’s government is considering the need for JY Lee’s efficient leadership to overcome this crisis.

Reuters reports that the release of Jay Y Lee is largely symbolic. Because Jay Lee is currently on parole after 18 months in prison.

But JY Lee’s release is symbolic, allowing him to operate his business more independently than before. Apart from this, it will ensure a bigger investment for Samsung.

The country’s law minister said in a press conference that business leaders are being carefully selected to overcome the country’s financial crisis. Those who can invest in technology and create new jobs will be forgiven.

Jay Lee welcomed the government’s decision in a response. He promised more efforts to overcome the country’s financial crisis and create new investment and employment.