President Putin has appointed General Sergey Surovykin, who led the Russian forces to suppress the opposition of President Assad in Syria, as the commander in the war in Ukraine.

After appointing Surovykin as commander last Saturday, the Russian army changed its attack strategy in Ukraine. Horrible missile attacks are being launched one after another on the target. This attack continued on Tuesday in various establishments of the country.

In a report, CNN said, Russia launched a fierce missile attack across Ukraine the day after General Sergey Surovykin took office. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has expressed his satisfaction with these attacks.

In 1991, General Surovykin came to the discussion for the first time after suppressing the agitators who attempted a coup in Russia. This Russian commander later became known as ‘Maydayahin’ while serving in Tajikistan and Chechnya.

In 2017, General Surovikin was given the responsibility of commander of the Russian air forces deployed on behalf of President Assad in Syria. Assad is notorious for destroying much of the ancient city of Aleppo in addition to carrying out brutal attacks on anti-Assad groups.

A former colleague of General Sergey Surovykin expressed his apprehension in an interview with the UK daily Guardian, saying, ‘I am not at all surprised by the Russian attack on Ukraine. Because Surovikin is a merciless commander. Human life is less valuable to him. I fear that his hands will be stained with the blood of Ukraine.’

In a 2020 report, Human Rights Watch accused General Sergey Surovykin of violating international law in Idlib. The human rights organization accuses this Russian commander, Russian troops under the leadership of General Surovykin have attacked civilians, schools, shops, and densely populated areas in Syria.

(October 11/DM)