A Russian tycoon has died after falling from a hotel in India.

The incident took place in Rayagada district of Odisha state on Saturday.

Indian police confirmed this information.

The name of the deceased is Pavel Anatov.

Two days earlier, on Antov’s 65th birthday, his traveling companion, Vladimir Budanov, died. News from CNN.

Regarding Pavel Antov’s death, senior Odisha police officer Vivekananda Sharma said on Tuesday that it has been registered as an unusual death. Initially, it is believed that he committed suicide. And Antov’s friend Budanov died of heart disease, he said.

Pavel Antov was a member of the regional parliament of the Vladimir Region of Western Russia. In 2018, he was on the list of the 100 richest government officials in Russia by the US magazine Forbes. His total income that year was 140 million dollars.

In June this year, Anatov became involved in controversy with an anti-Ukraine war status on WhatsApp. Later, however, he deleted the status. Said it was an unfortunate mistake and technical error. At the same time, President Putin expressed his support.

Russian Consul General in Kolkata Alexey Idamkin told Russian media RIA Novosti that we are aware of the death of two Russian citizens. The families of both are being contacted.

(28 December/FA)