Moscow has begun withdrawing troops from the Kherson region, which was annexed by a referendum from Ukraine. Analysts see this as a disaster for Russia. However, Russia says that this decision has been taken to avoid unnecessary loss of lives of soldiers and civilians. Ukraine has already claimed that it has recaptured many areas in the south.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday it had begun withdrawing troops from the Kherson region. A day earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that they have decided to withdraw troops from the Kherson region.

According to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian troops are preparing to withdraw from their positions along the Dnipro River.

The withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kherson region is considered a major setback for Moscow. Because Kherson is one of the four regions from Ukraine that joined Russia through referendum. In that case it is now considered Russian territory and the overall responsibility for the security of the people in that region rests with Russia.

However, some believe that Russia is withdrawing troops from the region as part of a war strategy and plans to spring a trap for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian general named Valory Zaluzhny said his country’s troops had recaptured 200 kilometers of southern territory.

11 November/ES