Russia is working to provide military and intelligence support to various countries to counter the global hegemony of the United States and its allies. Under this, the Russian army officers met with the top military officers of Palestine.

Reuters reported this information in a report.

Russian State Minister of Defense Alexander Fomin met with the Commander of the National Security Forces of Palestine, Nidal Abu Dukhan, regarding military and intelligence cooperation.

In a speech at a military event last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the provision of advanced weapons and cooperation to allied nations.

He said, resistance should be built against neo-colonialism and western authority.

In the light of this announcement, a meeting was held between the representatives of both countries last Tuesday.

Israel and Moscow have historically had close, friendly relations. But Israel condemned the military operation in Ukraine last February 24. Since then, relations between the two countries have deteriorated.

Since the start of the military campaign, Russia has been providing aid to its allies in Latin America, Africa and Asia. These include high-tech weapons and technology.

In a separate statement last Wednesday, Russia’s defense minister said they had discussed military assistance with the West African country of Mali.

(18 August)